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Additional Options.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:53 104k unknown Clean Up Your Signals With Band-Pass Filters.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:47 104k unknown DTMF-Converter And HF-Link Controller.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:18 104k unknown Dielectric Materials at Microwave Frequencies.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:08 108k unknown PIC of an IDer.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:06 108k unknown Wireless Digital Modulation.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:03 108k unknown Design of a Dual Patch Triangular Microstrip Antenna.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:06 112k unknown Isolated-Pad Circuit-Board Construction.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:16 112k unknown RFI-Intermodulation.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:48 112k unknown Worlds Fair Super Squelch.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:05 112k unknown Mistakes of a young Railroad Telegraph Operator.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:33 116k unknown Remote-Controlled HF Operation over the Internet.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:49 116k unknown Build An IC Light Modulator.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:32 120k unknown Use It Or Lose It.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:50 120k unknown What is Happening to the HSMM Working Group.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:56 120k unknown 6m From Your Easy Chair.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:50 124k unknown Microwave and RF Cable Assemblies-The Neglected System Component.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:26 124k unknown No-Tune 2m Bandpass Filter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:39 124k unknown Serial Port - Breakfast Of Champions.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:55 124k unknown D-STAR Digital Voice versus Analog FM Sensitivity.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:58 128k unknown Automobile Ignition Substitute.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:21 132k unknown Hinternet and openHSMM.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:13 136k unknown Inexpensive 10 GHz Dish System.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:11 140k unknown Inexpensive Basic Stamp Controller.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:11 144k unknown FCC - Measurements of Environmental Electromagnetic Fields at Amateur Radio S... 29-Apr-2018 22:55 148k unknown MRX-40 Mini Receiver.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:36 148k unknown Inexpensive TDR.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:14 152k unknown 144 MHz Stop-Band TVI Filters (1).pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:47 156k unknown 144 MHz Stop-Band TVI Filters.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:47 156k unknown Build This Solid-State PA for 440 MHz.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:36 156k unknown Transmatch For 432 MHz--Why Not.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:47 156k unknown Active Attenuator For Transmitter Hunting.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:59 160k unknown Choosing the Right Diode for your AGC Detector.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:46 160k unknown Intermodulation Reviewed.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:15 160k unknown Inexpensive Low Noise Preamplifier for 432 MHz.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:12 164k unknown High Speed Multimedia at 3.5 GHz.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:56 168k unknown 10 Dollar Phone Patch.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:46 172k unknown Frequency Calibration Using WWV.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:33 172k unknown Microwavelengths-The Transverter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:30 176k unknown CATV Leakage-A Two Way Street.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:39 180k unknown SHARKS and Tsunamis.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:55 184k unknown What is HSMM.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:56 184k unknown Flash Tubes.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:01 188k unknown Step Attenuator You Can Build (1).pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:32 188k unknown Step Attenuator You Can Build.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:32 188k unknown 902 MHz - UHFs Final Frontier.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:54 192k unknown Horizontally Polarized Omni-Directional Antenna.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:03 192k unknown King of the Pulse Generators.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:18 192k unknown Digital Voice and Data Modes The Way Forward.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:11 196k unknown Miniature HF to VHF AM-FM Receiver Using the NE605.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:33 196k unknown Circularly Polarized 60 GHz Microstrip Antenna.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:46 200k unknown Great Aluminum Cover-Up.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:47 204k unknown Making Printed Circuit Boards.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:23 204k unknown Rugged Compact Attenuator.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:49 204k unknown W4RNL - Top Five Backyard Multi-Band Wire HF Antennas.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:55 204k unknown Is All Data Acceptable Data.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:16 208k unknown NorCal - Doublet Antenna.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:41 208k unknown Pocket-Size VHF SWR Meter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:21 208k unknown 146 and 445 MHz J-Pole Antenna.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:47 212k unknown Army Surplus CW.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:07 212k unknown Audio-Noise-Based Voting Circuit.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:21 212k unknown Terminating 75 Ohm-7-8 Inch Hardline with SO-239.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:37 212k unknown Electronics vs Ceeepy Crawlers.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:29 216k unknown Is the ARRL Turning 2.4 GHz into the Next CB Band.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:16 216k unknown Microwave Propagation.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:30 216k unknown Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Direct Sequence and You (1).pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:32 216k unknown Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Direct Sequence and You.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:32 216k unknown 902 MHz Loop Yagi Antenna.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:54 224k unknown Annie Get Your Gunnplexer.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:07 224k unknown Nontraditional Field Day-You Bet (1).pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:39 224k unknown Nontraditional Field Day-You Bet.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:40 224k unknown D-STAR Technical Chararistics.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:03 228k unknown High-Power Cavity Amplifier For The New 900-MHz Band.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:57 228k unknown Universal Radio Programmer.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:50 228k unknown LogiTalker Owners Manual.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:20 232k unknown Long Life For Your Transmitting Tubes.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:21 232k unknown The Incredible Digiohm.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:38 240k unknown Double-Ducky Direction Finder.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:16 248k unknown QRP Transmitting Converter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:36 248k unknown Cutting Current to Size.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:57 252k unknown The Sociology of Regulations.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:41 256k unknown Mechanical Design Tips for EMI Shielding.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:24 260k unknown 2m Tracking Transmitter.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:48 268k unknown Build The FoxTTL Foxhunt Transmitter.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:36 268k unknown Detect Killer Tornadoes.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:06 268k unknown More Microwave Test Equipment For 10 GHz.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:35 268k unknown Spread Spectrum and the Radio Amateur (1).pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:31 268k unknown Spread Spectrum and the Radio Amateur.pdf 30-Apr-2018 04:05 268k unknown D-STAR For VHF-UHF.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:59 272k unknown Electric Fence Interference-A Case History.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:26 272k unknown The Magical Audio Filter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:39 272k unknown Introduction to the PICAXE System.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:16 276k unknown Want a Good Microwave Antenna-Drink More Coffee.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:55 276k unknown Put Your All-Mode 2m Rig on 220.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:29 284k unknown Color TV-That Isnt.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:48 288k unknown GRAPES 56 Kb Modem.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:47 292k unknown Making Two-Sided Circuit Boards by the Photoetching Process.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:23 296k unknown Five-Element Quad Antenna for 2m.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:00 300k unknown Gunn and IMPATT Microwave Devices.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:47 300k unknown Single-Board No-Tune 902-MHz Transverter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:58 300k unknown Primer on Digital Signal Interfaces.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:27 304k unknown ATV Handbook.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:10 308k unknown Build The Montreal Fox Controller.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:36 308k unknown Getting on on the Internet-Your First HSMM Radio Station.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:45 308k unknown Hinternet - Protecting HSMM Radio Networks.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:14 308k unknown New Jerseys South Counties Emergency Radio Network.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:37 308k unknown Pour an Antenna for X-Band.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:22 308k unknown Rock Solid RF.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:48 308k unknown Understanding Ungrounded Oscilloscope Measurements.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:49 312k unknown On Amateur Radio Use of IEEE 802.11b.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:49 316k unknown DSE Radio Direction Finder.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:17 320k unknown Find Fault with Your Coax.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:53 328k unknown Microwave Building Blocks-The Doubly-Balanced Mixer.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:28 332k unknown Modular High-Performance 23 cm ATV Transceiver.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:34 332k unknown Telephone Line Tester.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:37 332k unknown Digital Video Coming to the 440-MHz Band.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:11 336k unknown Practical Spread Spectrum-An Experimental Transmitted-Reference Data Modem.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:25 336k unknown Electronics and Brain Control.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:28 340k unknown How ET Really Called Home.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:03 340k unknown HSMM and Information Security.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:07 344k unknown Hinternet on 5 GHz.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:58 352k unknown PIC SWR Meter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:19 352k unknown Classic Rain-Gutter Loop Antenna.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:47 356k unknown Quantifying SETI.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:38 356k unknown VOIP and Amateur Radio.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:54 360k unknown Voice Track-Talking Controller.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:53 364k unknown Cheap Antennas for LEO Satellites.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:44 372k unknown Digital Modulation from ASK to OQPSK.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:10 376k unknown Four Way DFer.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:31 376k unknown The Real Inventor Of Wireless.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:42 376k unknown Quadbeam 2 Element.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:37 380k unknown Grounded-Grid Kilowatt Amplifier for 432 MHz.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:47 384k unknown Elecraft - KXAT1 Manual Rev A.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:25 388k unknown Pocket dBm RF Power Meter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:21 388k unknown Home Brew Spectrum Analyzer.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:01 392k unknown Spread Spectrum Applications in Amateur Radio.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:32 392k unknown Introducing Sherlock - A Hi-Tech Fox Hunting Tool.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:16 400k unknown 432 Collinear From Coax.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:49 404k unknown Cellular Surplus.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:41 404k unknown Printed Circuit Boards--An Easier Way.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:28 404k unknown Entertainment And Interference-The Two Faces Of CATV (1).pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:43 408k unknown Entertainment And Interference-The Two Faces Of CATV.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:42 408k unknown How To Design Analog Filter Circuits.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:05 408k unknown Inexpensive Hardline.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:11 408k unknown N0GSG - Portable Radio Direction Finder.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:38 412k unknown New High-Speed Multi-Media Radio Mesh Networking.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:37 412k unknown 900 MHz Band - Whats in Store for Amateurs.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:53 416k unknown Converting Radar Detectors to 10-GHz Rigs.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:54 416k unknown D-STAR Antennas.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:58 416k unknown Different Grounds For Different Shacks.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:08 416k unknown An Introduction To The Bilateral Transverter.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:05 420k unknown Classic Video Amps Revisited.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:48 420k unknown Compact Two-Element 2m Beam.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:50 420k unknown Brain Waves and Biofeedback Training.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:24 424k unknown Explore USB with this USB to CI-V Interface.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:50 424k unknown Improving the K1FO 8874 432-MHz Amplifier.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:11 424k unknown Meet The New Guy.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:28 424k unknown The Magnetron - A Low Noise Long Life Amplifier.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:40 428k unknown 902 to 144 MHz Receive Converter.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:55 432k unknown APRX Software Manual.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:08 432k unknown Care And Feeding Of Gunnplexers.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:39 432k unknown Locating Power Line Noise Using TV Waveforms.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:20 432k unknown Transatlantic on 2200 Meters.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:52 432k unknown Crystal Oscillators.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:56 436k unknown Laser Communication Systems.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:19 440k unknown Build a 2m Intermod Notch Trap.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:27 444k unknown Five-Element 2m Yagi.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:00 444k unknown Spectrum Analyzer for the Radio Amateur.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:25 444k unknown A Look Inside D-Star Modulation.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:58 448k unknown Amateur Radio Networks and the Internet.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:05 448k unknown Fabrication of Printed-Circuit Boards.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:54 452k unknown No-Tune Transverter for 3456 MHz.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:39 452k unknown Vocoding-Creating Digital Voice.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:53 452k unknown Working With Op-Amps.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:05 452k unknown CMOS Clock Circuits.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:48 456k unknown Home Brew X-Band Wavemeter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:02 456k unknown PIC16F84-Based CW Decoder.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:20 460k unknown 2.4 GHz Transverter.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:48 464k unknown Lasers and Amateur Radio.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:19 472k unknown No-Tune Transverter for the 2304-MHz Band.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:41 472k unknown How To Make Custom Meters From Salvaged Parts.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:06 476k unknown Crystal Microwave.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:55 480k unknown Voltage Cursor Adapter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:54 484k unknown Radar Detector to Microwave Receiver Conversion.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:41 488k unknown UHF Modems For Amateur Radio Stations.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:49 492k unknown BIOS Data Area Information.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:24 496k unknown Simple Approach to Complex Circuits.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:57 496k unknown Build A Brain Wave Feedback Monitor.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:27 500k unknown Radio Line-of-Sight Paths from the USGS Digital-Elevation Database.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:42 504k unknown Three And Half Band Yagi.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:43 504k unknown Ultra Wide Band.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:50 504k unknown Web Pages on Packet Radio.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:56 504k unknown Voltage Doubler (1).pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:54 508k unknown Wireless Local Area Network Design.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:03 508k unknown 50 Dollar Sweeper.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:50 512k unknown Microwavelengths.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:31 512k unknown More Cheap Yagis.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:36 520k unknown Practical Spread-Spectrum-Clock Recovery With the Synchronous Oscillator.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:27 520k unknown D-STAR Digital Data-CryptoUP.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:03 524k unknown Aircraft Enhancement.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:03 528k unknown Solid-State Devices For 1 GHz.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:12 528k unknown Single Stage 1500W Amplifer For 160-80-40 Meters.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:58 532k unknown Tramplifier for 432 MHz.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:44 532k unknown WB2REM - Remote Link.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:57 532k unknown 900 MHz Parrot Repeater.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:54 540k unknown Building Simple Isolation Interface Devices.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:38 540k unknown 220 MHz All-Mode Transverter.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:48 544k unknown Elevator A Simple 220-MHz FM Transverter (1).pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:34 544k unknown Elevator A Simple 220-MHz FM Transverter.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:35 544k unknown Add Remote Cotntrol to Your ICOM Transceiver.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:02 548k unknown PTT Control From Receiver Audio.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:28 552k unknown DDRR - Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:05 560k unknown HSMM and Field Day.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:08 560k unknown Flate Plane Antennas.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:03 572k unknown Hinternet and VPN Projects.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:58 572k unknown Surviving the Unthinkable (1).pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:34 572k unknown Surviving the Unthinkable.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:34 572k unknown Binaural Basics.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:23 576k unknown From Ether to Ethernet.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:34 580k unknown Build the Featherweight 6m Yagi.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:35 584k unknown Building a Beacon for 2401 MHz.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:37 588k unknown KD1JV Mountain Topper Radio (MTR) Manual.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:18 588k unknown Cheap Yagis for 2450 MHz.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:45 592k unknown Digital Hamming-A Need for Standards.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:10 592k unknown Helium-Neon Laser.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:55 596k unknown Sound Card Packet.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:25 596k unknown Avoiding RF Oscillation.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:23 600k unknown Integration of Amateur Radio and 802.11.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:15 600k unknown See-In-The-Dark Viewer.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:55 600k unknown Why I Like Linux and Other Tales.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:05 600k unknown How To Get Into HSMM.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:06 604k unknown High Speed Multimedia Radio.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:56 608k unknown Microwave ATV-A New Approach.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:27 608k unknown Perl-Tk Package for NEC Based Antenna Design.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:51 612k unknown EARC End Fed HF Antenna.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:21 616k unknown Build An Infra-red Snooperscope.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:34 620k unknown Astronauts on Your Repeater.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:10 624k unknown RC Filters.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:47 624k unknown Defining Your Function Keys.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:06 628k unknown Minature UHF Fox Transmitter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:33 636k unknown Explore 220 With This State-Of-The-Art Transverter.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:51 640k unknown Home Brew the Blockbuster.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:01 640k unknown Dual Band Twin Lead Antenna.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:19 644k unknown Raspberry Pi - TNCPi Manual.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:43 644k unknown Single-Chip Frequency Converter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:58 644k unknown The Basic X-24.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:41 644k unknown Project 25 for Amateur Radio.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:36 648k unknown Microwave Building Blocks-The Solfan Special.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:30 656k unknown Introducing Spread Spectrum.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:16 660k unknown Practical Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum UHF Link.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:23 664k unknown G7FEK Nested Marconi Antenna.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:39 668k unknown Infared Logic Probe.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:14 668k unknown Working With Flip-Flops.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:04 668k unknown Audio-Frequency Generator.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:20 676k unknown Synthesized Pulse Generator (1).pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:35 680k unknown Synthesized Pulse Generator.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:37 680k unknown Common Collector Amplifiers.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:53 684k unknown Bug Detector.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:27 692k unknown Doppler-Ultrasound Heart Monitor.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:14 692k unknown Chat on the Air with LinPSK.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:42 708k unknown Components for 10-GHz and Up Transceivers.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:53 712k unknown Turbocharge Your Packet Station.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:49 712k unknown Super Directional Microphone (1).pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:33 716k unknown Super Directional Microphone.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:33 716k unknown CW Transmitter for 902 MHz.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:58 724k unknown 10 GHz RF Preamp.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:48 728k unknown Finding Cable Faults.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:59 740k unknown Working With Monostable Multivibrators.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:04 740k unknown Shoot the Moon.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:57 744k unknown Dot-Bar-Graph Display Drivers.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:15 752k unknown Radar Speed-Gun Controller.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:38 752k unknown 2m Transverter.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:49 760k unknown Audio PreAmp ICs.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:19 760k unknown Wide-Range RF-Survey Meter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:02 760k unknown Practical Spread Spectrum-Achieving Synchronization with the Slip-Pulse Gener... 30-Apr-2018 01:24 764k unknown Phase Locked Loops.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:53 768k unknown Arduino-based Variable Voltage Transformer.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:07 772k unknown LC Filters.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:28 772k unknown WSPRing Around the World.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:08 776k unknown Combustable Gas Alarm.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:49 784k unknown W0MHZ - The Loop Skywire.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:55 784k unknown Down-Under Depth Sounder.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:17 792k unknown 903 MHz Linear Amplifiers.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:57 812k unknown Extracting Stable Clock Signals From AM Broadcast Carriers for Amateur Spread... 29-Apr-2018 22:56 816k unknown Extracting Stable Clock Signals From AM Broadcast Carriers for Amateur Spread... 29-Apr-2018 22:52 816k unknown RE-EZ Shortwave Receiver.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:48 816k unknown Using Radar Data to Predict Rain-Scatter Paths.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:54 824k unknown Zen and the Art of Radiotelegraphy.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:06 824k unknown 7 dB For 7 Bucks.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:53 832k unknown Analog Delay Lines.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:06 844k unknown Carrier Current Receiver.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:43 844k unknown Caveman Radio.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:40 844k unknown Pager Handbook for the Radio Amateur.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:51 844k unknown Testing Motrons Transmitter Fingerprinter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 04:10 844k unknown High-Performance Easy-to-Build 432-MHz Transverter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:01 848k unknown Tri-Yagi For 50 MHz.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:49 848k unknown Low Frequency Converter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:21 852k unknown Voltage Converters.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:54 856k unknown Joy of Contesting.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:16 876k unknown Laser Transceiver for the ARRL 10-GHz-and-Up Contest.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:19 876k unknown Use of Pringles Containers To Enhance Network Security.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:51 876k unknown VHF-UHF-Microwave Transverter IF Switch.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:53 876k unknown Data Encryption is Legal.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:08 896k unknown Active Audio Filters.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:00 900k unknown TV Derived Frequency Standard.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:49 900k unknown Alternative Options for Resolving HSMM Interference Issues.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:04 904k unknown D-Arsonval Dossier.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:58 904k unknown Ham Radio Paging-Putting POCSAG On Packet.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:56 904k unknown Doppler Radio Direction Finder.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:21 908k unknown IRLP - The Internet Radio Linking Project.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:20 936k unknown Can HSMM Find a Real Home in Ham Radio.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:38 948k unknown Digital Altimeter.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:12 948k unknown APCO-25.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:10 952k unknown Simple Simplex Repeater.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:58 952k unknown HF Propagation - The Basics.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:55 956k unknown Half-Watt 903-MHz Amplifier.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:48 956k unknown KI6J EFHW Manual.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:18 960k unknown Measuring 2.4 GHz Helix Antennas.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:23 960k unknown Microprocessor-Controlled Repeater Voting System.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:25 960k unknown Surface Mount Technology-You Can Work With It.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:33 960k unknown HF Serial-Tone Waveform Design.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:57 964k unknown Digital Amateur Television.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:09 972k unknown Active Filters.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:03 976k unknown Spectrum Monitor.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:33 976k unknown ATV Transmitter from a Microwave Oven.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:12 988k unknown NorCal - BLT Tuner.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:41 1004k unknown Copper Loops For 222 and 440MHz.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:09 1008k unknown DTMF Encoding and Decoding.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:18 1008k unknown How to Design Analog Circuits-Biasing Transistors.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:04 1036k unknown Photosensitive Devices.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:53 1052k unknown Radiation Monitor.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:39 1052k unknown Wideband Microwave Amplifier Design.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:03 1056k unknown Easy Dual-Band VHF-UHF Antenna.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:29 1060k unknown Phase Lock Loop Stability Analysis.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:52 1064k unknown Versatile 555.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:52 1064k unknown Night-Vision Scopes.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:41 1068k unknown Optocoupler Devices.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:50 1076k unknown Nonlinear Analysis-Simulation and Measurement of RF Amplifiers.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:44 1088k unknown Circuit Design on Your Linux Box Using gEDA.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:47 1100k unknown Microwave Propagation in the Upper Troposphere.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:57 1104k unknown SMT You Can Work With.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:58 1112k unknown Cheap and Easy High-Speed Data Connection.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:49 1120k unknown Modern Antenna Handbook.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:36 1120k unknown K4TWJ - Hamfest Buddy QRPp.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:17 1124k unknown Build A Semiconductor Laser System.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:28 1148k unknown Broadband Wireless Internet Access and Amateur Radio.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:32 1152k unknown Portable Quad For 2m.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:22 1168k unknown HSMM Radio Equipment.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:07 1188k unknown Working With LED Display Drivers.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:04 1196k unknown Anatomy Of A Repeater.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:10 1200k unknown Rockless VFO Low Power Transceiver.pdf 30-Apr-2018 04:01 1204k unknown Updated Universal QRP Transmitter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:50 1204k unknown Arrow Antenna.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:09 1224k unknown Ham Radio and VoIP.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:54 1228k unknown Ten-Tec 6m Transverter on 12m or 17m.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:37 1248k unknown Building a Decent RF Network.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:38 1252k unknown 6m Moxon Antenna.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:52 1256k unknown Tracking Down Bugs Using A Spectrum Analyzer.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:49 1260k unknown Spread Spectrum And Digital Communications Techniques.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:31 1264k unknown PortaPeater.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:22 1276k unknown Automotive RFI Elimination.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:24 1284k unknown Tone Decoder.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:44 1288k unknown Horisontal Loop Antenna for Shortwave Listening and Amateur Radio Use.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:03 1304k unknown DF Breakthough-Turkey Tracker.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:11 1324k unknown 1296 MHz Transverter.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:47 1336k unknown The Digital Circle of Life.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:39 1348k unknown An Introduction to Surface Mount Devices.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:06 1364k unknown IEEE 802.11b-Friend or Foe.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:10 1380k unknown Air Hop-Light Beam Communicator.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:04 1384k unknown High-Performance 2m Transverter.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:58 1408k unknown Electroocardiograph (1).pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:36 1436k unknown Electroocardiograph.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:34 1436k unknown NorCal - StLouis Tuner.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:48 1436k unknown Lightning Protection-Taming Thors Thunder-On A Budget.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:20 1460k unknown Poor Mans Spectrum Analyzer.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:21 1480k unknown Diversity Antenna.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:24 1488k unknown Light Beam Communicator.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:20 1492k unknown Microwave Basics.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:34 1512k unknown Solid-State Linear Amplifiers for 33 cm.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:21 1536k unknown D-STAR New Modes for VHF-UHF.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:08 1584k unknown Error Correcting In Data Transmission (1).pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:44 1596k unknown The New Industrial Revolution - Packet Radio And Networking.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:39 1596k unknown Emergency Coordinators Manual (1).pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:48 1600k unknown Emergency Coordinators Manual.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:12 1600k unknown Antenna Here Is A Dipole.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:09 1640k unknown SPI And The Printer Port.pdf 30-Apr-2018 04:03 1664k unknown Try Copper For 2m - The Cu Loop.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:55 1692k unknown Measuring 9600 baud BER Performance.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:25 1724k unknown Get On 222 MHz with a Ten-Tec 1210 Transverter.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:55 1736k unknown Wire Antennas for the Beginner.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:03 1744k unknown Foxbox.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:33 1760k unknown VHF-UHF Primer - An Introduction To Propagation.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:53 1760k unknown D-STAR.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:05 1820k unknown The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:43 1832k unknown Interfacing Your Computer To The Poor Mans Spectrum Analyzer.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:15 1936k unknown HSMM.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:23 1944k unknown 3456 MHz Linear Transverter.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:52 2024k unknown Surface-Mount Technology Primer (1).pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:34 2028k unknown Surface-Mount Technology Primer.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:35 2028k unknown Op Amp Applications Guide.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:50 2056k unknown EZ-Lindenblad Antenna for 2m.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:00 2084k unknown Talking Repeater Controller.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:37 2096k unknown Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur (1).pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:48 2120k unknown Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:54 2120k unknown Scanner Converter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:00 2124k unknown PIC Based HF-VHF Power Meter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:06 2148k unknown N0GSG - DSP Radio Direction Finder.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:40 2172k unknown Get on 440-MHz ATV.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:45 2180k unknown Digital Signal Processing.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:13 2200k unknown Practical Antenna Design VHF.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:28 2280k unknown Home Brewing a 10 GHz SSB-CW Transverter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:09 2368k unknown Inexpensive Multi-Megabaud Microwave Data Link.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:14 2396k unknown Tiny Python Panadapter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:47 2396k unknown Spread Spectrum Communications.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:32 2408k unknown Lowes Loop for 432MHz.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:27 2540k unknown PIC-Gen Frequency Generator-Counter.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:20 2628k unknown High Power Magnetron Transmitter.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:57 2668k unknown Elecraft - KX1 Owners Manual Rev E.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:28 2696k unknown Wi-Fi for Hams.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:10 2720k unknown Forrest Mims - 555 Timer IC Circuits.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:14 2888k unknown Elecraft KX2 Manual Rev A5.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:41 3148k unknown Radio Astronomy And The Search For Extraterrestial Intelligence.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:47 3160k unknown Global Positioning System.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:47 3192k unknown Icom IC-725 Manual.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:09 3196k unknown Western Union and the Railroad Telegraphers.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:01 3216k unknown Spectrum Analyzer.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:30 3296k unknown Antenna Toolkit - 2nd Edition.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:10 3384k unknown K6BEZ - $50 Antenna Analyzer.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:18 3456k unknown Microwave Spectum Analyzer On A Budget.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:39 3536k unknown M12864 Transistor Tester Instructions.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:30 3572k unknown Running Linux (4th Ed).pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:11 3720k unknown Sherlock in the XP Age.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:57 3860k unknown A Beginners Course in Assembly Language.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:01 3908k unknown Wouxun KGUVD1 Service Manual.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:06 3952k unknown Forrest Mims - Optoelectronics Circuits.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:47 4204k unknown Build An Alphanumeric Pager Decoder.pdf 29-Apr-2018 21:36 4308k unknown Forrest Mims - Magnet And Sensor Projects.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:26 4316k unknown Forrest Mims - Op Amp IC Circuits.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:28 4348k unknown Forrest Mims - Basic Semiconductor Circuits.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:31 4388k unknown Forrest Mims - Sensor Projects.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:30 4452k unknown Forrest Mims - Solar Cell Projects.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:37 4544k unknown USMC Antenna Handbook.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:54 4760k unknown W1FB - QRP Notebook.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:02 5448k unknown Communications System Using Gunplexer Transceivers.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:22 5620k unknown IEEE 802.11 Experiments In Virginias Shenandoah Valley (1).pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:16 6448k unknown IEEE 802.11 Experiments In Virginias Shenandoah Valley.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:22 6448k unknown G0KYA - EFHW Antennas.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:48 7244k unknown G0KYA EFHW Antenna.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:43 7244k unknown Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur-1978.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:07 7312k unknown Ham Radio for Dummies.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:05 8920k unknown Forrest Mims - Communications Projects.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:26 10464k unknown Wireless Digital Communications-Design and Theory.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:22 11472k unknown 4800 Baud Modem Daughter Board.pdf 14-Sep-2018 07:06 11540k unknown PIC Programming for Beginners.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:37 11716k unknown The Laser Experimenters Handbook.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:50 12104k unknown Gunnplexer Cookbook.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:54 12408k unknown Forrest Mims - Getting Started in Electronics.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:58 12884k unknown The Spread Spectrum Source Book.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:22 14012k unknown ARRL VHF Digital Handbook.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:13 14320k unknown Microwave Know How.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:55 16680k unknown NorCal 40A Transceiver - Manual (1).pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:32 16964k unknown NorCal 40A Transceiver - Manual.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:21 16964k unknown Make - Electronics.pdf 30-Apr-2018 03:43 17188k unknown Electronics for Dummies.pdf 30-Apr-2018 00:35 20424k unknown Arduino Robotics.pdf 29-Apr-2018 22:03 21464k unknown NOSintro (1).pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:42 22612k unknown NOSintro.pdf 30-Apr-2018 01:18 22612k unknown Raspberry Pi Projects Book v.1.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:24 36548k unknown ARRL Basic Antennas.pdf 29-Apr-2018 23:22 39356k unknown QRP Classics - The Best QRP Projects from QST and the ARRL Handbook.pdf 30-Apr-2018 02:31 44048k

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