My Western N.C. DMR Codeplug with added Local Analog Repeaters. In this case local is Cleveland, County and all surranding counties including S.C.

This is a TYT MD-380 Codeplug ONLY!

THis is my personal CodePlug, Download and use it at your own risk. It work fine on my TYT DM-380. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. BY DOWNLOADING THIS FILE YOU ACCEPT ALL RISK AND DAMAGES CAUSED BY THE CODEPLUG! Code-Plug here is a direct download of my radio after I check functionality. You can use your software to rearange the Zones the way you want them.

n4cly-380_Code-Plug (With local and sourranding County Analog Repeaters including S.C.)

UPDATE 0//12/2017****

This update Removed My Callsign (N4CLY) and My ID Number from the Code-Plug.

Please make sure you use your own Callsign and ID in the Codeplug.