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How I fixed it!

How to Extend Remote Head cables Cheaply?

This question was ask of me today and I though I would answer it here now. As anyone knows, Icom and Yaesu both ccharge upwards of $80.00 for an extension cable. Click HERE to get the information you need to save $75.00.

Cheap Programming Cables:

Those cheap programmng cables can be a pain to get working correctly. I made a video several years ago that is still valid today. HERE is the video to get those drivers going, however the website has changed so HERE is a link to the driver file you need to properly install, and configure the USB cable. I hope this helps you.

Reloading Lost Logbook

PC crashes are the worst for Amateur Operators. We lose everything and services like LOTW are our only sources to reclaim that information. When we download our logs from online services we get no personal information for the contacts. If we want to get that lost data back it can be VERY time consuming, because we have to load each entry one at a time and click LOOKUP to get it back. I found a utility Online at: www.wb9jps.com that will load your ADI file, do one bulk request to QRZ, add all the personal information to the ADI file allowing you to import that data back into your logbook. Click on Amateru_Radio at the top of the main page, and download ADIF_Plus_QRZ_v2. When using the software, just enter your QRZ user/password and click start. A menu will pop up asking you to point to your logbook ADI click OK and it works. I did end up exporting my log in 5 sections because the program had errors trying to downlod the information for 5K+ contacts at once. Thank you Gary (NA6O) for your QRZ logbook app!


JT_Alert virus alert

First I scanned the file on Total Virus to insure the file was safe. Installing JT_Alert when Windows Defender thinks it is a virus. Windows will allow the software to install, however after it finishes Defender will delete all the executable files from the install directory. Open the Windows Defender Security Center, CLICK on Virus and threat Protection, CLICK Virus and Threat Protection Settings, CLICK Add or Remove Exclusions, CLICK the "+" beside Add Exclusion, in the drop down list CLICK folder and simply point it to the JT_Alert Folder created during the original install. Save it if it ask, close the settings restart your PC and install JT_Alert again.

Virus Scan Any File Here:

Virus Total. This software allows you to check any program you download with 60+ anti virus programs. When complete it shows you the results of each anti virus package. They also have a small utility APP called Total Virus Unloader you can install to your PC and check the files without using the web unloader. This is a free virus scan.


New and new to me Radio gear.

#1:Well, in 26 years of Amateur Radio I have won two hamfest or other related prizes. Once was a battery and charger of my choice In Shelby NC, the other last week Online drawing. I use the money to buy a Yeasu FT-891 with the spring sale it was a grand total of $429.95. It arrived yesterday. I unpackaged it hooked it up to my go bag battery and antenna to see how well it worked. The radio has a nice large screen easy to see, and the brightness and contrast settings make it easy to configure to your own liking. I ran the FT-891 on my 20 Ah Bioenno and operated for over 4 hours and the radio never shut down for low voltage. The menu system was very confusing at first, but once you read the user manual its much easier to find everything you need quickly. The manual is a little lacking in details of all the functions but they are not that hard to figure out. So far I think its a great rig. It will get used mostly as my portable operation rig doing WWFF, POTA and other Special Event and club events. This is my second Yeasu Radio the other is the FT-817ND. Update: I sold my FT-817ND, I deserved a home wherre it would get used more often.